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About Melissa L'Abbé Cakes

With a background in nursing but a lifelong passion for baking, art and design in 2010 Melissa L’Abbe Cake Design was created.

As far back as I can remember I have loved art and design and my first memory of baking from scratch was one I have to share.

My mom, aunt and grandmother were always baking and so one day my cousin and I decided that were going to make a cake from scratch, wanting help from no one. We had made the cake, baked it and iced it, but when we cut into it we realize that the center was still in a batter like state. As children, it only made sense to scrape off the icing and put the cake back into the oven to finish cooking the center so that we could later re-ice it and eat it. However, much to our dismay, we ended up with, for lack of a better word a brick and into the garbage it went. Little did I know that that brick would be the foundation of Melissa L’Abbe Cake Design.

Since then, with a little help and a lot of practice my baking has greatly improved.  I have baked a lot at home and worked in a bakery for four years while attending college. I also attended the accredited Bonnie Gordon School in Toronto to learn some new elements in design.

No matter what your style, traditional, modern, vintage or simple elegance, Melissa L’Abbe Cake Design will work with you to create a one of a kind work of art to make your day a memorable one.


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